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Common Business Idioms
Worksheet by siteAdmin

A selection of 10 common idioms used in the workplace. Match the idiom with the meaning.

names and emails
Worksheet by isabella

A pairs activity for practising the alphabet in the context of names and email addresses.

Hotel Vocabulary
Worksheet by isabella

Match the word with the description for hotel related vocabulary.

Extreme Weather
Worksheet by isabella

Some weather related facts. The student inserts the correct superlative form of the adjective.

It Rains in Britain ... more and more
Lesson Plan by isabella

1. Brainstorm weather related vocabulary, highlight extreme weather words
2. Students discuss weather stories they remember.
3. Watch video on rainfall in UK
i) Highlight extreme weather vocab in context
ii) Answer questions on video
4. Disucssion in small groups of extreme weather, its effects and how it can be managed.

Global Vagabond
Article by shosuke

Some resources relating to the remarkable life of Heinz Stucke, global cycling vagabond who has been on his bike since before John Kennedy was president.

First Aid
Article by shosuke

Some true stories of people using their firs aid skills. ( source : http://www.redcross.org.uk/ )
The situations are presented first, which could provide a starting point for discussion, then after what actually happened.

Article by shosuke

A look at some UK household statistics comparing men and women's time spent on housework. A video of several women's opinions towards housework which would
be a good starting point for a discussion.

Victoria Sponge Dessert
Teaching Material by shosuke

An article about desserts - the favourite desserts in the UK and a recipe for Victoria Sponge.

Making Small Talk
Lesson Plan by shosuke

1. Generate ideas about small talk - what it is , when it is used.

2. Audio - what phrases are used and in which topics ?

3. Worksheet - responding appropriately.

4. Conversation - using what has been learnt.

Responding to remarks people make in an appropriate way helps to make a conversation more fluent. This worksheet looks at three ways to respond - repeat a key word, ask a question and give an exclamation.

Resource Links
Reference Material by shosuke

A collection of resources related to English language teaching.

Worksheet by shosuke

Match the relationship words with their definition.

A range of adjectives for approving and disapproving. 28 in total.

Get To Know Your Group
Worksheet by shosuke

Questions to help students become acquainted.

Get To Know Your Group
Teaching Material by shosuke

Students work in pairs for 4 minutes before swapping partners and ask each other three questions to find out a little about their partner. In the second half they discuss what they have learned with another group member.

Social Quiz
Teaching Material by shosuke

A quiz to practise some simple socialising situations and how to respond appropriately to remarks. Examples include congratulating, apologising, before eating and introductions.

Students make sentences like 'I went to the market and I bought an orange.'
The next student repeats the first one and adds one of their own.

Find out how much your students know about the U.K. with this interesting quiz.

General knowledge quiz, with 6 questions each on Science, Geography, Sports and Music.